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Have you heard scratching in your attic or seen glowing eyes peer down from the rafters of your garage? If you’ve noticed these signs and more, it is possible that your home or business is dealing with a raccoon invasion. Even if you’ve not seen them, you may well have recognized the evidence in them clawing at garbage bins, screeching in the night, and leaving waste strewn about your yard. Raccoons are very pesky and resourceful animals, and can be some of the most bothersome creatures to have to deal with at your home or business. Raccoons are known to use attics, basements and hollow spaces beneath porches and buildings for shelter. Even if you’ve secured your garbage bins to keep them out, they can still cause massive amounts of damage clawing at your house attempting to make a home.

The Raccoon Removal Process

Raccoons are known to be aggressive and can often harbor diseases, so it is very important that you call our raccoon removal specialists in Toronto, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas to deal with the problem on your behalf. Our team has over 25 years of experience and will be able to quickly deduce the factors that have drawn the raccoons to your property, where they might be nesting, and get a rough estimate of how many raccoons there might be. After identifying the source of the problem, our trained wildlife control technicians will implement a “hands-off” One-Way Door System to safely remove the raccoon from your home. This ensures that no raccoons are left trapped on your property, while still ensuring that they can no longer access the nest. Preventive measures will then be put into place to prevent any future occurrences.

Raccoon Removal in Etobicoke & Richmond Hill Can be Dangerous

In recent months, Ontario has seen a staggering increase in the number of reported rabies cases. Rabies is not only extremely dangerous to other animals, such as dogs, but also to humans. Rabies can lead to serious illness, aggression, and even death if not dealt with appropriately. As a result, we warn all home and business owners to stay away from raccoons in any setting and contact the professionals for safe raccoon removal across Toronto. These animals are not normally aggressive, but they will defend themselves if threatened. Working in accordance with municipal by-laws protecting wildlife from cruelty, Innovative Care of the Environment, Inc. (ICE) will safely and effectively remove the animal from the property, being sure to take all precautions necessary in case it has been in contact with the rabies virus.

Information about Invasions & Raccoon Removal in Toronto

Raccoons are unusual for their thumbs, which (though not opposable) enable them to open many closed containers such as garbage cans and doors. They have a reputation for being clever and mischievous. Their intelligence and dexterity equip them to survive in a variety of environments, and they are one of the few medium- to large-sized animal species that have enlarged their range. Raccoons are omnivorous; they eat fruits, nuts, grains, insects, frogs, crayfish, bird eggs, and anything else available.

The Reproduction & Life Cycle of Raccoons
Raccoons do not live together as mated pairs. Males mate with as many females as possible. During the breeding season (February-March) females find a den. The male raccoon locates a female and, if she is willing, moves into her den for a short period of mating. Afterwards, the male resumes his wandering lifestyle. After a 63-day gestation period, 2-7 young are born with their eyes shut. Their eyes open in about 3 weeks. Their mother cares for them until the fall when they leave on their own.

Our frequently asked questions section provides some more detail about our raccoon removal methods in Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Toronto and various other areas in the GTA.

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