Pigeon & Bird Removal Solutions in Richmond Hill


Pigeons are considered a pest bird and cause considerable damage to homes and businesses in the Richmond Hill area. While they might not seem like a significant threat, a pigeon infestation is not to be taken lightly. Their droppings are toxic, acidic and not to mention unsightly. A pigeon problem should be reported as soon as possible in order to minimize the cleanup and repair costs accompanying their removal.

Our technicians at ICE will visit your home or business and determine the method to rid your home of nuisance birds. We use a combination of netting, spiking, coiling and scare tactics, specifically designed for each location we service. ICE recommends preparing an individual program to eliminate the infestation and installs devices to prevent the infestation from re-occurring. Our pigeon removal services come with a 3 to 5 year guarantee.

Information about Pigeon Behaviours & Nesting Patterns

Pigeons nest in various protected locations, including the undersides of bridges, building ledges, rafters in barns and other open buildings, roofs, air conditioners, and signs. Their loosely constructed nests usually consist of sticks, stems, leaves and other debris. Nests that are reused often become solid with the accumulation of droppings and debris. In rural settings, pigeons normally feed on seeds, grain and fruit. They find areas with spilled silage, such as grain elevators, railroad yards and mills, all of which are very attractive feeding sites. In urban areas, pigeons feed on handouts, garbage, vegetable matter and insects.

In contrast to many other bird species, pigeons prefer flat and smooth surfaces, such as rooftops, for resting and feeding. If threatened, these locations afford them a quick getaway. Pigeons gather in flocks that use the same roosting and feeding areas. Feeding usually occurs no more than a few miles from the roosting site. Pigeons have very acidic droppings that can cause significant damage to equipment, painted surfaces, marble, limestone and more. Fresh droppings create slippery situations on sidewalks, ledges and other flat surfaces where they accumulate. Droppings also contaminate unprocessed grain and processed food and can contain a variety of disease-causing bacteria.

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Pigeons are known to be a significant nuisance to condo and apartment building residents. They can also be very difficult to remove and are often resistant to even though most out-of-the-box DIY attempts. For effective bird removal in Richmond Hill and surrounding areas, trust the professionals from ICE.

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