Bat Removal for Toronto Homes & Businesses

bat removal for Toronto homes and businesses

At ICE, we use the safest and most humane methods for bat removal and prevention in the Greater Toronto Area. This method is known as exclusion.

Bat exclusion involves using plastic mesh to build one way valves. This allows bats to leave the roost while preventing them from re-gaining access to your home or business. This method is environmentally friendly and does not harm the bats or any other wildlife in the vicinity.

This area of expertise requires a full inspection of the home or structure. Once this is completed, a quote will be provided which breaks down the necessary costs, procedures and timelines associated with the work.

Effective Solutions for Bat Removal in Toronto

Problems arise when bats become uninvited guests in our homes, often living and roosting in the walls of condominiums, homes, attics, buildings and barns. These structures provide bats with warm, safe places to hide, live, and raise their young. ICE provides bat removal services to home and business owners throughout Toronto and surrounding areas.

Some of the more common bat issues and problems are:

  • Rabies – bats are the #1 carrier of rabies in North America
  • Bat Guano (urine and fecal matter) – leaves an unpleasant odour, poses possible health risks and can cause structural damage
  • Noise – bats emit ‘high-pitched squealing’ sounds, usually at night which can affect a good night’s sleep

Fast Facts

Despite their reputations, bats are beneficial to the environment because they balance the ecosystem. Bats are mammals, feeding on flying insects such as moths, beetles and mosquitoes. A single bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes in one hour and may help to reduce the spread of West Nile Virus in Ontario.

Bat Biology and Behaviour

Most bats are active at night or at twilight. Many bats migrate, while others go into torpor in cold weather but rouse themselves and feed when warm spells permit insect activity. Yet others retreat to caves and hibernate for six months. The social structure of bats varies, with some bats leading a solitary life and others living in caves colonized by more than a million bats. The fission-fusion social structure is seen among several species of bats. “Fusion” refers to the grouping of large numbers of bats in one roosting area and “fission” is the breaking apart and mixing of subgroups, with individual bats switching roosts with others and often ending up in different trees and with different roost mates. Our technicians use this information to pinpoint the nesting spots of bats in your home, their behaviours, and the techniques needed for bat removal in Toronto.

Reproduction and Life Span of Bats

Mother bats usually have only one offspring per year, and they are viviparous. A baby bat is referred to as a pup. Pups are usually left in the roost when they are not nursing; however, a newborn bat can cling to the fur of the mother and be transported. It would be difficult for an adult bat to carry more than one young, but normally only one young is born at a time. If you notice bats have made your house into their home, it is best to schedule bat removal services for your Toronto property as soon as possible.

Bats often form nursery roosts, with many females giving birth in the same area, be it a cave, a tree hole, or a cavity in a building. Mother bats are able to find their young in huge colonies of millions of other pups. Pups have even been seen to feed on other mothers’ milk if their mother is dry. Only the mother cares for the young and there is no continuous partnership with male bats. The ability to fly is congenital, but after birth the wings are too small to fly. Young micro bats become independent at the age of six to eight weeks, mega bats not until they are four months old. At the age of two years, bats are sexually mature. A single bat can live over 20 years, but the bat population growth is limited by the slow birth rate.

Eliminate Your Problems Once and for all with Bat Removal Services in Toronto

If you have a bat problem in and around your residential home or commercial business, speak to the technicians at ICE Pest for effective bat removal in Toronto. We are proud to service locations including North York, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas.

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