Trusted Rat Control in Toronto for Your Home or Business


As a destructive rodent, rats can cause serious damage to your home or retail space by contaminating it with germs and disease. These pests are usually first found in the basement and, if allowed to progress, eventually move into the kitchen. Rats can consume a large amount of food and typically produce 20 to 50 droppings a day. If rats are found in a home, they must be eliminated as soon as possible to keep your property in a healthy and habitable state. If you have noticed the tell-tale signs of a rat invasion in your home, contact ICE for reliable rat control in Toronto.

Signs You May Be in Need of Rat Control in Greater Toronto

When a home is dealing with a rat issue, we must put a 3-week program in place. After an inspection has been done, we will take all measures to eliminate rats inside the home, stop them from re-entering it and eliminate them once outside. If you request rat control services in Toronto, we will start by installing snap traps inside the home to catch them. We also find the entry point(s) where the rats got inside. In those entries, we affix a one-way door system. This allows the rats to exit the home, preventing them from coming back.

Once outside, we will place exterior bait stations to eliminate the rats. After the initial rat control appointment is completed in Toronto, we will return to your home once a week for three weeks to check all stations and traps. This 3-stage, and 3-service program completely rids and protects your home from rats.

For businesses, we also provide an Integrated Pest Management program which includes monitoring and controlling the life cycles of pests and offering solutions and education for prevention all year long. These plans can be utilized in a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis depending on the needs of your property.

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When you need help controlling a rat invasion in your Toronto home or business, turn to the trusted specialists at ICE Pest. We offer quick response times and dedicated follow-up service to ensure your problem is solved. We offer complete pest control and wildlife removalservices throughout the GTA. We encourage you to read our tips to find easy ways to keep your home free of infestations.

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