Answering Toronto’s Wildlife Removal Questions

Over the years we’ve had many home and business owners from the Toronto area call us with questions about our techniques and how we might handle different situations. More often than not, these questions relate to troublesome raccoons and other pesky wildlife. If you don’t see your question answered on this page please get in touch with us—we’d be happy to provide the answer!

Why ICE?
ICE has been delivering quality wildlife and pest control services since 1998 throughout the Toronto area. Our humane approach and dedication towards environmentally sound animal control has made us a leader in the industry as well as a trusted name.

Do you deal with domestic animals such as dogs and cats?
Unfortunately we are not facilitated to deal with all animals; we deal strictly with wildlife and pest control.

Wildlife Questions

Is it dangerous to have raccoons in the attic?
Having wildlife anywhere in your home has some potential for danger. Typically, unless the animal has access to the living quarters of your home from the attic you can wait a few days before removing them. Do not wait too long before calling ICE, the damage they can do to your attic, roof line, vents and other weak areas of the house is remarkable.

If the animal gains access through an opening from the attic or an entry door and is posing an immediate threat to your welfare please call ICE immediately stating the type of emergency you are having!

What kind of raccoon trap do you use and what do you do with the animals after you catch them?
Only in an emergency do we live catch animals using traps, we usually exclude them from structures with our one-way door system. Our program is designed to keep wildlife in their surroundings according to municipal bi-laws and out of your HOME.

These strict laws prohibit the relocation of wildlife and we can only release them within 1km from where they were caught allowing them to return. Killing them is inhumane and is usually unnecessary.

Can I trap and relocate myself?
Yes you can but it is not recommended unless you know the bi-laws and what you are doing. Hefty fines and possible imprisonment can be imposed on you by municipal officers for cruelty to animals.

I have raccoons living in my chimney. If I light a fire, will it scare them away?
Definitely not, this would be very dangerous should the animal be set on fire and would also be considered cruelty to animals.

I have a raccoon in my attic and I found the hole they created to get in, should I patch it?
No. If you don’t get all the inhabitants out (especially babies) the animals may die in the attic creating other problems for you. If a mother is separated from her babies, severe damage can be caused by her trying to get back in and it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.

What do you do with the baby raccoons after they have been removed?
We place the baby raccoons in a special incubator, where their mother can relocate the babies one-by-one herself.

I saw a raccoon during the day. Is it rabid?
Not necessarily. Raccoons are nocturnal which means they come out at night. However, it isn’t unusual to see them during the day when they are looking for food for their babies.

How do you prevent animals from returning?
Once your inhabitants have been removed we will work with you to develop your prevention plan. Contact ICE to speak with us about what will work for your property.

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