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Humane Wildlife & Pest Prevention in Toronto

While wildlife doesn’t intend to be harmful or destructive, it can do quite the number on our homes and businesses. That’s where ICE comes in. We provide full service, environmentally friendly wildlife removal for clients in Toronto and neighboring cities.

Our highly trained and highly experienced wildlife control technicians provide humane solutions to rid your property of raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opossums, chipmunks, groundhogs, coyotes, mice, rats and more.

The Wildlife Removal Plan
ICE’s wildlife control technicians will determine the source of your animal problem and then put in place a custom, effective and environmentally friendly solution.

The “Hands off” Humane Approach
The most effective method we use for dealing with animals is to implement a “hands off” one-way door system which is affixed to the entry points. Once the animal passes through and exits the door, it can’t get back in. This is highly effective in removing the invader from your home or premises without harm.

There are strict laws around the killing and relocation of animals. What many people don’t realize is that relocating the animals has proven to be ineffective. Trapping is rarely used; our first alternative is our proven one-way-door system.

Once the removal of the animal is done it is time for the prevention portion of the plan. Some animals are very persistent (you have now evicted them from their home) and will try to gain regain entry at some other weak point around the structure.

Wildlife Prevention is Essential
Again, like the exclusion portion of the process, this will be custom tailored to meet your needs. It is common for us to use sheet metal to prevent the inhabitancy of animals from reoccurring. Not only is this better than using wire mesh to prevent re-entry, but also is less noticeable. Prevention is the key to stopping your frustration and the costly damage caused by wildlife.

The humane approach is better when dealing with animals. Having to remove carcasses is also time consuming and costly. This system and approach is what distinguishes ICE as a leader in the wildlife and pest control industry.

Our Pest Control Tips section outlines what steps you can take yourself to defend your home or business against pests and wildlife common in the GTA.

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