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Spider Removal Services in Toronto



Spiders are divided into two body regions – the cephalothorax (head and thorax) and the abdomen. The eight legs of a spider are attached to the underside and the eyes are found on the top front of the cephalothorax. Spiders are a very common insect found in homes throughout the GTA and can be especially bad for properties close to bodies of water (the “lake effect”).


The treatment begins with a complete attic dusting or fogging which eliminates any infestation in the attic. This dusting or fogging also spills into the soffit areas, eliminating any nesting taking place there. ICE then applies a residual spray on all baseboards and window frames. Lastly, an aerosol is lightly sprayed onto the cracks of the ceiling. An exterior spray will be applied during the spring and summer months to eliminate and prevent spiders from entering the home.


For the treatment, anyone under the age of six and pregnant women must be out for 24 hours, and anyone else (including pets) needs to be out for four hours.