Silverfish Removal Services in Toronto



Silverfish/Firebrats are a “carrot shaped” insect, where their bodies are wider at one end and are slimmer at the other. These insects have two long antennae at the head of the body, and three small antennae at the rear of the body. They are typically 1/3 of an inch to ¼ of an inch in length. Silverfish are a silvery, pearl or grey colour, whereas firebrats are greyish with darker spots or bands on their bodies. Silverfish will roam for some distance to find a food source; however, once found, they will stay close to it. Their food preference involves proteins and carbohydrates.


The treatment begins with a complete attic dusting or fogging which eliminates any infestation in the attic. Silverfish require a full crack and crevice spray of all baseboards in the home. This residual spray will kill on contact when the silverfish come out from behind the baseboards.


For the treatment, anyone under the age of six and pregnant women must be out for 24 hours, and anyone else (including pets) needs to be out for four hours.