Looking for Effective Vole Removal in Toronto for Your Home or Business?


Effective Vole removal & control services. The meadow vole, sometimes called the field mouse or meadow mouse, is a small North American Vole found across many regions of Ontario and throughout Canada. If you notice tunnels and holes throughout your yard, you may need to contact us for vole control in Toronto.

Meadow voles are active year-round, usually at night. They usually dig underground to store food for the winter and give birth to their young. Although these animals tend to live close together, they are aggressive towards one another. This is particularly evident in males during the breeding season and can cause damage to fruit trees, garden plants and commercial grain crops.

Voles Feed on Grass, Tree Bark, Nuts & Seeds
The meadow vole is an herbivore feeding mainly on the grasses that are abundant in its environment. When grass is not readily available, such as during the winter months, the meadow vole may often gnaw on tree bark as a source of nourishment. They will often eat nuts and seeds when available. In captivity, they will frequently feed on lettuce and sunflower seeds as a supplement to their diet.

High Rate of Reproduction
The meadow vole can reproduce multiple times each year. Average females have between one and five litters in a year, producing about five pups in each litter. They become reproductively active only during a specific time of the year based on the length of the photoperiod. Meadow voles experience the greatest degree of reproductive activity during times when they are exposed to a long photo period of fourteen hours of light to ten hours of darkness. Their reproductive rates can also be reduced if they are deprived of food for long periods of time.

Vole Control to Protect Your Property in Toronto

If left unchecked, voles can cause extensive damage to your yard due to the number of holes and tunnels created by these busy critters. Our GTA pest control and wildlife removal team has the expertise and experience to quickly diagnose and resolve your infestation. Our technicians will visit your property and look for signs of a vole invasion, including setting humane traps to remove the animal from your yard. For more information about the vole removal process, contact us today.

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