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Mice removal for Toronto residents and businesses

It is very uncommon for a homeowner to actually see mice because they are nocturnal creatures and usually only appear when everything is dark and quiet. The most common indicators of a mouse problem include droppings in various rooms of your home; hearing scratching in the walls, holes bitten in food boxes or bags, and hyperactivity in your cat or dog. Mice can locate themselves anywhere in the home; however, they typically start nesting in the attic and garage (where it is dark and quiet), and eventually move inside. This is especially true in the fall and winter months when animals are looking for a warm place to nest away from the cold. If you’ve noticed evidence of mice in your home or seen them in person, it may be time to call us for effective mice removal in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Use of Mouse Baiting Systems as a Non Toxic Method

At ICE Pest, we address mice removal in Toronto using a baiting system. Locked and tamper-proof bait stations are placed throughout the home in all the main areas where mice nest, as well as where they come out into the home. Mice will enter the bait stations, eat a small piece of the bait, and die back in the attic or outside. The bait that we use will decompose their bodies into dust which will prevent issues with odour or decomposition. By using this method in Toronto, mice removal is both effective and safe for Toronto homes and businesses.

Prevent Future Issues with Mice Removal in Toronto

ICE specializes in both the removal and prevention of mice in the home. Our technicians will provide a top-to-bottom inspection of your home’s exterior and outline every area where the mice could be entering. Once approved, the entire home will be mouse-proofed by our trained technicians who will also offer you a 3-year warranty on their work! Additional costs for prevention will apply.

If you are looking for effective mice removal that Toronto residents and businesses count on, turn to ICE Pest. We are pleased to serve residential and commercial customers throughout the GTA, including Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, North York and Markham.

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