Rodent Control in Toronto & Surrounding Areas of the GTA

Mice, rats and other small rodents will jump at the opportunity to gain access to a warm space inside a residential or commercial building. This behaviour is especially common during the winter months when they are seeking shelter away from the cold. Luckily, ICE Pest offers effective rodent control solutions in Toronto. Don’t let these pesky house guests get comfortable—enlist the help of the professionals at ICE to show them the door.



As rodent control experts in Toronto, we know how to deal with these nocturnal pests who are typically only discovered due to the droppings they leave behind. To remove mice from your home or business, ICE will use a baiting system to attract the rodent and prevent it from coming back once and for all. Let us also assist you with prevention strategies as part of our comprehensive rodent control program in Toronto.


If you’ve spotted the signs of a rat invasion in your home, ICE Pest will take care of these destructive critters by getting them out of your home or business once and for all. Rats will contaminate your space with feces and urine, creating an unhealthy environment. They are also known to bring disease and can be very difficult to remove if not caught and managed in the early stages. As part of our comprehensive rodent control program in Toronto, we will use bait traps and exclusion techniques for effective and humane rat removal.


Voles will be destructive to your property as they dig holes and can cause damage to your fruit trees, plants and commercial grain. With high rates of reproduction, voles may become a problem in a hurry. This is why it’s so imperative that you contact a professional for vole removalas soon as possible. If you’ve noticed tunnels and mounds throughout your lawn, it may be time to call ICE Pest today.


While not necessarily a rodent, moles are recognized by the trademark tunnels and mounds they leave in your yard. You are likely to see the most activity in the spring and fall, especially on damp days. A mole can cause a great deal of damage to your yard if not addressed quickly. If you’ve noticed the tell-tale signs, contact ICE today for effective control and removal before the situation gets out of hand.

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At ICE Pest Control, our trained technicians provide quality rodent control solutions in Toronto. We provide wildlife and pest control throughout the GTA, including Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill, and beyond.

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