Indian Meal Moth Removal in Toronto

Indian Meal Moths

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    Indian Meal Moths

    Indian Meal Moths are a grain-infesting moth. They are about 3/8 of an inch in length and are a brownish-beige colour. Their wing span can reach ½ to3/4 of an inch. Indian meal moths can invade food packaging crevices just 0.1mm in width. These insects are most commonly found in bakeries, restaurants and residential kitchens where grain product is present. The moths will burrow and feed through the food and lay their eggs either in the product itself or outside the packaging.


    The first step in the treatment process is to throw away all open boxes of cereal and other grain product. All other boxes must be checked along the bottom for infestations. Any untouched product will need to be put into plastic containers. ALL kitchen cupboards must be emptied to prepare for the treatment. A residual spray is done in kitchen cupboards first, then shelf paper must be put down by the customer to place a barrier between the spray and the dishes. Cleaning of webbing on ceilings must also be done.