Earwig Removal in Toronto



Earwigs are elongated, flattened insects, ranging from light red/brown to black in colour and are easily recognized by their forcep-like appendages (pincers) on the end of the abdomen. They have chewing mouthparts and long, slender antennae and are either winged or wingless. If wings are present, the first pair is hard, short and “beetle-like,” while the second pair is membranous, fan-shaped and folded under the hard first pair of wings. Tips of the second pair of wings usually protrude from under the first pair. Young earwigs (nymphs) are similar to adults. They are white to olive-green and lack wings.


The best way to treat earwigs is through preventative methods. Earwigs prefer to inhabit cool, damp places like underneath vegetation and enter your home at ground level. Using our Integrated Pest Management program is an effective way to deal with this type of insect. We aim to make the area around your home less hospitable for earwigs.


For the treatment, anyone under the age of six and pregnant women must be out for 24 hours, and anyone else (including pets) needs to be out for 4 hours.