Cluster Fly Removal in Toronto

Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies start to enter the home in the fall, one at a time, and collect together. A cluster fly is grey in colour, and has distinct golden hairs. When a cluster fly is killed, it has an odour like buckwheat honey. These flies will typically stay outside during the warmer months, and will find shelter in homes when fall hits. Cluster flies hide in dark corners or closets, behind pictures, or in the angles of walls. On warm sunny days, these flies will swarm towards windows.


The treatment starts with a thorough attic dusting or fogging which eliminates any infestation up there. We will then treat all window frames, door frames and baseboards with a residual spray. Depending on weather conditions, we also need to treat the outside of the windows and doors to stop them from entering the home.


This service needs to be done twice in a year (spring and fall) to break the cycle. For the treatment, anyone under the age of six and pregnant women must be out for 24 hours, and anyone else (including pets) needs to be out for 4 hours.