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Pavement Ants

Pavement Ant Removal in North York, Ontario

Pavement ant removal in North York

Pavement ants are a common problem for home and business owners as they routinely invade buildings while foraging for food. Luckily, the pest control experts at ICE know just how to deal with them. We offer effective pavement ant removal in North York and throughout the GTA.

The name “pavement ant” is a result of this ant’s favourite habitats: sidewalks, driveways and the foundations of homes and buildings. Pavement ants come out from behind baseboards, and will live near a heat source in the winter. In homes, they are typically attracted to greasy foods and sugars, but will also feed off of insects and plants.

Treatment and Prevention of Pavement Ants in North York

Pavement ants require a full crack and crevice spray of all baseboards in the home. This residual spray will kill on contact when the ants come out from behind the baseboards. During the spring and summer months, we will also perform an exterior residual spray to eliminate the opportunity for the ants to crawl through the cracks in the foundation of the home.

If you’ve noticed an ant issue in your home or business but are not sure which type of ant you are dealing with, our ant removal experts can assist you in North York and surrounding areas of Toronto. We will provide a full inspection of your property, determine the cause of the issue, and provide a quote of necessary work. ICE has won awards for their exceptional humane and effective pest and wildlife solutions. You can count on a team that has been around for over 25 years.

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