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Home inspections

Whether you are purchasing a single family dwelling or a condo you could be buying more than you bargained for.

Although a home inspection is a necessary part of buying your new home, it is also important to have an inspection for pests, wildlife and the possible contaminations caused by such critters. ICE’s home inspection service is designed to examine your entire home and provide warnings on what might be a concern—especially the dreaded bed bug! Bed bugs have become a huge problem in condominiums and homes in the GTA. Using new technologies we can detect a current or past bed bug infestation in the home you intend to purchase.

The Bed Bug Bother

Bed bugs can harbour in walls and cracks for up to a year without feeding and worse yet, may not be visible upon a normal home inspection. When purchasing a condo unit it is imperative to ensure all cracks and baseboards are sealed properly in order to prevent bed bugs from spreading to your unit because someone else in your building is infested. The cost for bed bug removal can be as high as $1700.00 or more for one treatment of a single family dwelling—not to mention the hours you’ll spend laundering all the garments in your household.

For more information on bed bugs please see our insects page.

Uncovering Evidence of Past Wildlife and Pest Problems

Our home inspection service can also uncover evidence of pests and wildlife who have been evicted from your home including cockroaches, carpenter ants and mice. There is nothing more frustrating than finding or getting bitten by insects after the big move knowing you could have prevented it! If non-toxic methods are not available you will not only have to spend your hard earned dollars on treatment but you will have to vacate your new home for up to 24 hours depending on your situation.

There is No Mistaking It: Wildlife Infestations are Costly

Although wildlife living in the attic is usually found during a home inspection and the costs for removal are incurred by the seller prior to closing, it does not mean that the problem was solved. Many animals will break back into weak areas of the home. The cost of cleaning up or removing pest and wildlife infestations can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

If there are any signs of feces or droppings anywhere in the home—old or new—you may want to protect yourself and your family from potential health issues. Urine soaked insulation and any feces should be removed from attics and all contaminated areas must be treated. ICE uses deodorizing agents specifically designed for this application. Costs can be extensive but are necessary when dealing with toxins. Bat droppings are extremely toxic and if bats are found in the home caution is required as they carry rabies and other diseases which could threaten you or your family.

ICE Protects You from Pest and Wildlife Woes

Our home inspection has been designed to protect YOU, the buyer. The home inspection is intended to save you money in the future and should be included in the terms of the condition of sale. You will be provided with the costs for treatment as well as a prevention quote for all pest and wildlife proofing based on our inspectors report.

Contact us today with your questions or continue reading about our bat control and hazmat cleaning services.

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