Pest and Wildlife Services for Commercial Businesses in Toronto

ICE is pleased to provide pest control and wildlife solutions to commercial and industrial clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our wealth of experience customizing Integrated Pest Management programs for businesses means we can solve your pest problems quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you have an existing business that needs to comply with the findings in a public health inspection or you’re interested in setting up a program for a new property, we can help!

Humane Live Trapping System for Starlings and Sparrows
ICE has just incorporated a new program for the eradication of sparrows and starlings that are in warehouses and retail locations. New to the industry, this trapping system is not harmful to the birds and allows us to humanely trap and release them.

Industries We Serve:

Property management

Property Management

A monthly service schedule is required to control pests and critters in all common areas, garbage facilities, maintenance and electrical rooms. Exterior programs are available upon request to control mice and rats. At the time of monthly service additional discounts are offered to perform pest control for individual apartments as required. ICE will create a plan customized to meet your needs and the needs of all homeowners/tenants to ensure an effective Integrated Pest

Management program.

Food processing

Food and Beverage Processing

ICE understands that having a pest free environment in the food and beverage processing industry is crucial in order to protect all incoming and warehoused inventories as well as the finished products. We will work with you to determine the solution that will meet or exceed any regulatory agency, audit or standards that apply to you.

Through our Integrated Pest Management program we will eliminate your pest or wildlife problem and set up a scheduled maintenance plan for the prevention of other occurrences. This involves a food pest control program customized to meet the needs of your restaurant or warehouse.


Retail stores and shopping malls must be kept free of pests and nuisance wildlife in order to keep customers coming back as well as to protect inventory. Pest controldeficiencies are often caused by surrounding stores and the environment. We will work with the property management company as well as yourself in order to protect your interests.

Health care

Health Care

Pest infestations in the health care field are very serious. Around the clock activity, plenty of patient rooms and an abundance of storage areas create unique pest control challenges. We’ll put a custom pest control plan together for you that is safe for your patients and is highly effective.

Our Integrated Pest Management program offers the perfect solution for busy health care facilities in the Greater Toronto Area.



Churches are a prime target for pests and small critters. The size and age of some churches make it easy for pests to gain entry. We can help you with a custom pest control program that will meet your needs.

Older churches in particular provide the perfect habitat for all kinds of pest and rodents such as raccoons, squirrels, birds, rats, ants, etc. With the use of a pest control program—specifically customized to each nuisance— ICE eliminates any rodent and insect problems.

Small businesses

Small Business

Whether you operate a small office in North York or a boutique shop on Queen Street, your property is susceptible to a pest infestation. Luckily, ICE offers convenient and cost-effective pest control and prevention solutions to small businesses throughout the GTA. Thanks to over 25 years of experience and expertise in commercial applications, we can help make yours a pest free environment.



Warehouses provide many places for pests and animals to hide which creates unique challenges when servicing this type of property. With the variety of inventory stored, proper placement of rodent/insect devices is vital not only for pest control but also to reduce potential damages. The development of an Integrated Pest Management program is essential, leave it to the professionals.



The threat of pests and unwelcome callers like mice and rats in the hospitality industry poses a health risk—not to mention a wholly unwelcome surprise for your guests. The potential for a pest infestation is significant in a hotel or motel thanks to its operation 24 hours a day, the presence of travellers who could be transporting insects, hundreds of individual suites, kitchens and common rooms. Mitigate a potential disaster by creating an Integrated Pest Management program with ICE—you and your guests enjoy a

pest free environment.


Your restaurant has a lot at stake—whether it’s your customers’ health, hefty fines or potential non-compliance on behalf of employees—which is why it’s very important to adhere to the health code.

We can help solve your current problem and prevent future problems with our Integrated Pest Management program, without disrupting the service in your restaurant. This will
safeguard you against harmful inspection reports from
provincial and municipal programs.

Food Premises Inspection and Disclosure System
The DineSafe website is designed to provide information to the public concerning the Toronto Public Health Food Premises Inspection and Disclosure system. The inspection reports describe conditions found in food premises within the City of Toronto at the time of the most recent Toronto Public Health Inspection.

Golf courses

Golf Courses
Canada Geese, raccoons, squirrels and birds can cause a lot of damage and disruption at your golf course. With the wildlife animal removal service we offer, we can help keep you and your players protected through a custom animal pest management program solution.

For a quick solution to your wildlife and rodent problems contact ICE today. If you don’t see your industry listed, and would like more information, contact us.

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