Mating Season is Here!

squirrel removal

The days are getting longer and Mother Nature keeps teasing Toronto with warm weather. This can only mean one thing; Spring is on its way! Before the tulips start blooming and the Easter Bunny stops by for a visit, raccoons and squirrels will be having their babies. Mating Season For raccoons, February and March mark […]

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Carpenter Ants in Toronto

ant removal

Noticing piles of sawdust throughout your home, but haven’t been doing any renovations? These small piles of saw dust could be a sign of carpenter ants in homes. Incessantly chewing, carpenter ants can cause severe damage to your home, if left untreated. What is a Carpenter Ant? Carpenter ants are just one of many species […]

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raccoon removal

Most recognizable by their black eyes and striped tails, raccoons can be seen all over the GTA. As very adaptable creatures,raccoons can be found anywhere from wooded areas to digging through trashcans, and even y our attic. ICE Wildlife and Pest Control offer expert raccoon removal. What to know about raccoons Raccoons of a high […]

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Keeping Rodents Out of the House


The cold weather is officially here to stay! Weather experts have started predicting when Toronto’s first snowfall will be and we can’t think of any better way to welcome the cold weather than cozying up by the fire. As winter gets closer and closer, you won’t be the only one cozying up in your home. […]

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Bats in the GTA

bats in gta

Halloween may still be weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped the bats from coming out. As summer fades and fall settles in, wildlife are looking for a cozy place to call home for the winter, and your attic is exactly what they’re looking for; including bats. With hundreds of species of bats worldwide, residents of […]

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Squirrels: What you need to know


Squirrels are one of the most common critters in the GTA. Whether you live in the suburbs of Mississauga or in the downtown core of Toronto, you’ve likely run into squirrels dozens of times. Some of the features that make squirrels so unique are the same features that help them make a home in your […]

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