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Urban Ants: What You May Not Know

We have all experienced the nuisance of ants – whether at a picnic, sitting at the park, or in your own home. Ants can be irritating and extremely difficult to get rid of once they have set up their home. How many different kinds of ants do you know about? There are many varieties of […]

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What Makes My Property Attractive To Wasps?

Everybody wants a beautiful home and an attractive property. Unfortunately, some features can make your home attractive to the wrong kinds of guests. Wasps and bees may take up residence on your property, making entryways dangerous, windows risky to open, and areas of your yard difficult to cross. If you have a wasp problem and […]

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Removal of Dead Animals & Preventative Measures

Coming across a dead bird, squirrel or any other dead animal in your yard is never a pleasant experience. It is important to dispose of a dead animal properly in order to prevent health hazards and to shield your family and neighbours from the awful smell it emanates. It takes very little time for carcasses […]

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